The Truth About Rock was a ministry started in Minnesota to educate Christian young people about the negative influences of secular rock. There was a seminar that they taught about music called “What In The Devil’s Wrong with Rock Music?” With bands such as Kiss and the more edgier metal bands of the early 80s there was more obvious anti-Christian sound compared to something you might hear off the top 40 station now.

Since that time the Christian rock scene kind of took off until what is today, which very much blurs the lines between what is mainstream and what it is music from the Christian market. There are some other anti-secular rock guys like Jeff Godwin who are also very anti-Christian rock, but he appears to have dropped off the map.

There are the anti-rock videos such as Hell’s Bells and Sounds of War. While they are fascinating videos, I don’t know how effective they are in convincing kids not to listen to secular rock.

In high school I got involved with a chapter of Rock for Life. While they didn’t get into the evils of rock and roll, they make a direct link between top 40 artists and their support of abortion and Planned Parenthood. In essence saying that if you’re supporting those bands you are indirectly supporting abortion.

I think music can be a gray area for Christians in a lot of ways, although in many ways it is less gray than people think. There are those who decry that all music that isn’t on the Christian radio is evil and there are those who don’t believe in Christian music and don’t believe that any music can be evil.

As Christians I think we need to look at the lyrical message of the songs we listen to and the type of spirit the music carries. For one Christian the Beach Boys might be a fun mix tape for the car and for another their lyrics are a subtle form of lust. Whereas someone like Marilyn Manson shouldn’t be something that any Christians listen to. Any song that the Spirit convicts us about should be avoided immediately. It doesn’t benefit you at all to listen to music that is anti-God and music like that is a negative influence. And I’m not entirely sure that adopting Marilyn Manson’s sound with Christian lyrics is the way to go either.

The type of music you listen to is important because Christians are called to make a new song to God. That doesn’t mean you have to be in love with KLove, but it does mean that you need to have a desire to worship God with music. If you think music is just for your own personal entertainment and that its ultimate purpose is not meant to be sung for the Lord, then I think you may need to re-examine your faith.

If we honestly love rock music more than Jesus it’s time to re-evaluate whether perhaps the music is an idol. And it doesn’t just stop at music. We have to look at sports, TV, food, the Internet and the other idols of Western culture and decide to put Christ first. So what you listen to is just as important as what you do with your time, your money and who your friends are. We have to look at the areas of our life and determine whether we have compromised our faith and our values as a follower of Christ. Are we truly surrendering all of our lives to Christ or are we just keeping some parts for ourselves?