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I saw Steve Taylor this evening speak at a small gathering at a college in the western suburbs of Chicago. He signed an LP copy of “I Predict 1990” for me. The last time I received autograph from him was in 1995.

Steve’s talk was about Christianity and the Arts. He said that the Church has lost its saltiness in terms of the Arts. He stressed the need for Christians to do art honestly and originally. He also mentioned a Robert Duvall movie I need to see.

Since stepping away from music he has made two Christian films. He told the story about how Kickstarter helped him raise money for his second film “Blue Like Jazz” and then he had to call 3,000 people because he promised to call everyone who donated $10 or more.

In my view Steve’s best talent as a musician was always his incredible wit in penning lyrics and his flare for the dramatic in his music videos and live shows. Apparently he’s one of the nice former youth pastors too. I think making movies is the logical progression from his musical career. I’m hoping there will be more movies and that something of this album recorded with Peter Furler will surface. Until then I’ll just have to enjoy some Chagall Guevera and think about Lifeboat.

It’s another Starflyer driving video. I have a bunch of them on YouTube where I record my driving, speed it up and add Starflyer to the video. The first one I did was “I Drive A Lot” with a small Kodak camera. Apparently, it’s the 2nd most popular Starflyer video on YouTube. Now I use a Canon ZR800. Someday when I get rich I’ll make HD videos.

I thought it was Keith Green with the beard for a moment. This was Rich Mullins’ band Zion in 1982. Someone who worked with Amy Grant heard this song and decided to get Amy to record it. I find it kind of funny because it’s almost as though Rich has backup singers.

This is one of five songs that Rich Mullins performed at Wheaton College in 1997 (months before his death). From what I can tell these videos have never been on YouTube before. It’s a real treat if you were one of his fans who wished there was video footage of him out there.

I found a link to this video on a message board. I just finished Mark Salomon’s book “Simplicity,” which is basically a biography of the Crucified and Mark’s life (although he tries to say in the book that it’s not). I once saw him in Wal-Mart during Cornerstone festival and I wanted to say something to him, but he just looked so intimidating with the tattoos and the shaved head. I had the Pillars of Humanity cassette when I was in high school and I bought the re-released albums from Tooth and Nail, so it’s cool to see the band back together. But I still fear Mark Salomon.

I took this at a recent concert with Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. Randy co-wrote the song with Keith Green and others. Phil recorded a version called “Your Love Broke Thru” on one of his albums and he played guitar on a demo with Keith Green, which was featued on his podcast.

I came across this recently and it’s pretty fun to watch. I totally disagree with the guy, but he makes some good points about Christian T-shirts being sacrilegious. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should stop

It’s funny that I saw the band live shortly before this video was filmed. My first show at True Tunes was an MxPx show with Blenderhead. Ah, those were the days. At least YouTube let’s me go back in time any time I turn on the computer.

I receive Barry McGuire’s e-mail newsletter and I saw he released a new version of the song. After all these years it’s still just as relevant now as it was then.

This is a clip of Relient K’s “Pressing On” in the movie “Kart Racer”.

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