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I’m not opposed to rock music. But somewhere along the line the music at some of the churches turned into rock and roll that is all about me, myself and I. Now I can’t say the music is evil, but I do think it’s distracting. When you’re trying to focus on God and someone is beating the heck out of a crash cymbal¬† it seems counterproductive.

Also the focus seems to be more on what I personally get out of a worship service. How does it make me feel? The lyrics are many times biblically off-base or semi-narcissistic. I’d like to see more music that has lyrical content like hymns. I’m less concerned with the style as long as it’s not distracting. The hymns have a certain quality where you can hear everyone singing as opposed to just one voice. And honestly there aren’t many CCM worship songs that compare lyrically with Be Thou My Vision or Come Thou Fount.

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