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The band released a press release a couple days ago that Delirious will be breaking up at the end of 2009 when the band’s commitments will be finished. Delirious started in 1993 playing at church events, but the band did not become a full-time gig until a few years later after a serious car accident involving the singer, his wife and the bass player.

Delirious is a prolific band that regularly releases studio albums and live CDs. The British band tours extensively throughout the world including Christian festivals in the United States. The breakup was likely due in part to the drummer’s decision to quit the band in April for family reasons.

I got to do an interview with Delirious? in 2002, which you can find on this site. I didn’t have any way to set up an interview in advance, so I talked to a guy who was running the stage crew the morning before their set at Northwestern College in Minnesota. I waited around for a while until the band’s road manager agreed to give me a 20-minute interview. Of all the band interviews I’ve done it was probably one of my favorites because I interviewed Martin Smith, Stu Garrard and Tim Jupp. I think it’s great when you can interview the people who play the music that you listen to on your stereo.

It’s sad to see the band breakup, but it’s probably time. The thing that impressed me the most about the band members was their humility and their absolute musical perfection. I have rarely seen a band that sounds better live than on a CD. Delirious? was a terrific band and their music will be missed.

An interview with John Warne of Ace Troubleshooter.

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