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I heard the story years ago that Saviour Machine had played at the New Union in Minneapolis and was kicked off the stage. The story I heard was that they burned a United Nations flag. As I was browsing the band’s wikipedia page I found an interview with a link to the singer’s version of the story.

Saviour Machine, the Christian goth/opera band, was touring with Deliverance and playing at the New Union in Minneapolis, a well known Christian rock club. According to the band’s singer Eric Clayton, The band was unpluggged and kicked off the stage after the 4th song. Supposedly, the owners of the club stated that they did not care for the visual imagery of the group or they disapproved of the candles on the stage. In any event the band was removed from the stage by bouncers and locked up in a back room of the club until things quieted down with the raucous crowd. It was apparently quite a spectacle that ended Saviour Machine’s tour and lives on in infamy for those who attended and visited the band afterwards at White Castle on that freezing Minnesota winter night in 1993.

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