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Dogwood is one of the Christian punk bands I grew up listening to and the song “1983” is one of my favorites. It says:

When we were young, our whole lives ahead of us,
And it was well understood we’d all become astronauts,
And firemen,

Let’s not pretend, we all become famous,
Let’s not pretend, there’s more to this then we hoped for,

When you reach a certain point in life you realize that you’re probably not going to be famous and you have to accept that. A person’s occupation is a big part of what typically defines him/her. In the midst of all the people moving to California and trying to get on TV to become famous, we have to accept that we’re regular people and we need to be content with that regardless of our jobs. Sure it’s cool to have goals and want to make money, but the things that bring fulfillment in life have little to do with fame and fortune.

Your parents are proud,
You’ve got everything,
No passion at hand,
You’ll be Ivy League,
It’s more probable,
We all become salesmen,
You know it,
You fear it,

It’s well on it’s way, well understood,
And this is your life,
Don’t apologize for what you are,
Because you’re a star.

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