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Rock music is primarily singing about being young or pretending like Peter Pan to be eternally young. The problem is that even the biggest pretenders have to face the fact that they have families and responsibilities and they can’t just live the rock and roll dream forever.

As a fan, listening to Christian bands as a kid in high school I felt part of a community, whether it was at church or at concerts. But as I’ve grown older I’ve lost touch with most of those people and many of my favorite bands broke up years ago. Going to a show now I feel out of place standing for 3 hours and I only want to show up for the band I want to see. Forget the openers.

As everything in society seems to get more and more competitive, so too there are more bands trying to make it big in a sea of mediocrity. For example, if you look at Tooth and Nail Records the music from 1995 to 2000 is better than anything since.

Not only does most of the new music not appeal to me, but it doesn’t feel as genuine as it used to when I first starting going to shows. Throw in the scenester kids with their tight T-shirts and jeans who seemed so bored by every band. When I was younger kids loved concerts so much they could watch six bands and couldn’t wait to see six more. Some of the kids now just seem to have a glazed look in their eyes like nothing is exciting in life and nothing a band could do could really excite them. I guess the downside of technology is that it makes people impatient and constantly bored when they don’t get something really sensational to hold their interest.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on bands from the past in the Christian industry. The nice thing about the past is you can always look back to the glory days without dealing with the present. And as far as this blog goes I don’t mind being older because it gives me more perspective and I can remember a scene that no longer exists, but it is very much alive in the entries of this blog.

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