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I took this at a recent concert with Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. Randy co-wrote the song with Keith Green and others. Phil recorded a version called “Your Love Broke Thru” on one of his albums and he played guitar on a demo with Keith Green, which was featued on his podcast.

There are three interview clips and three or four songs. If you can’t find all the videos click on the channel link and do a video search on the channel for Phil Keaggy. The program is a show for teens on a Catholic cable network. I think Phil is a Protestant, but he fits in well with the Catholics.

This is a trailer for a documentary about Christian rock. The documentary takes a different approach than “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?” by not only exploring the phenomenon of Christian rock, but also including clips from TV shows about Christian rock and discussing people who are against Christian rock. It is yet to be released, but from the trailer it appears to have interviews with key people involved with the Christian music scene such as John J. Thompson (founder of the True Tunes record store), Doug Van Pelt (founder of HM Magazine, Phil Keaggy, Michael Sweet, POD, MxPx, Bono and many others. The trailer is from 2007 and I heard the makers of Bleed into One are dealing with some funding issues, so I am eagerly waiting and hoping this will be out before 2009.

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