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I’ve posted some Smoking Popes videos on YouTube. Here are some links to the audio versions of the songs from Naperville and Crystal Lake.

The Smoking Popes appeared on WGN in Chicago last Friday. The band performed “If You Don’t Care” and “Megan,” but only one of the songs was posted online. It’s funny to watch it because Josh seems nervous, but the performance was excellent.

I decided to put up a few songs from the recent Smoking Popes shows I taped. Here are the links: Naperville show and Crystal Lake Show. You can also see the videos from the shows on YouTube here.

I went to another Smoking Popes show in the band’s hometown of Crystal Lake. The band played more than 20 songs. I taped the whole show and put six of the videos up on YouTube. If you are interested in seeing more of the videos from the show e-mail me at Below is another video from the show:

I was at Smoking Popes show last night and I took this video “Megan” along with the rest of the band’s set.

I added a few more videos from a second show. You can shoot me an e-mail at if you are interested in seeing more videos from the second show.

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